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The committee would like to thank all members for their patience during an incredibly challenging time for the club. The work done to set-up an online booking system - something we have never had before - took its toll on a lot of us but it has been worth it to have the course open again and so busy with so many players enjoying their golf.

We are still seeing some great numbers playing in the medals which is great to see and long may it continue.


The Club House is now open, with face masks to be worn when entering, along with sanitising your hands. Contact details will be taken according to the Government's Track and Trace requirements. Once seated you may remove your mask, but will need to have it on whilst placing your order at the bar. When you leave the clubhouse can should follow the one way system which is in place.


Note that the money for the sweeps started from the Sangs Alex & B Section Qualifier on 27th June and a spreadsheet is being tracked for all monies that are now due, which can be paid at the clubhouse. Current Scottish Golf guidance is still to have "cashless" medals so this process will continue for a while yet.

GOLF RETURNS - Congratulations to our 2020 Junior Champions

Downie Shield Scratch - Alexander Wisley
Fairways Shield Handicap - Archie Buchan


Wednesday 29 July - Midweek Sweep (CSS 67)

Division 1
1st Kevin West 73-11-62
2nd Ross Buchan 69-4-65
3rd Nathan Whyte 70-4-66

Division 2
1st Martin Duthie 83-20-63
2nd Colin Wilson 84-17-67

Friday 31 July - 9 Hole Stableford

Division 1
1st Steven Farquhar 19 Pts
2nd Eric-John Buchan 19 Pts
3rd George M Young 17 Pts

Division 2
1st John Strachan 21 Pts
2nd Charlie Cowe 19 Pts
3rd Davie Milne 18 Pts

Saturday 1st Aug - Faithful Cup (CSS 66)

Division 1
1st Ross Buchan 65-4-61
2nd Nathanial Arkwell 68-6-62
3rd Ross Strachan 69-5-64

Division 2
1st Martin Anderson 75-11-64
2nd Stephen West 78-14-64
3rd Stuart Mitchell 80-15-65

Division 3
1st Mark Ritchie 75-17-58
2nd Matty West 80-18-62
3rd Billy Connon 93-25-68

Sunday 2nd Aug - Peters Cup (Stableford)

Division 1
1st Leigh Gavryluk 39 Pts
2nd Steven Farquhar 39 Pts
3rd Liam Farquhar 39 Pts

Division 2
1st John Cardno 38 Pts
2nd Jordon Ritchie 37 Pts
3rd Bill Cowe 36 Pts


Tuesday 28th July Downie Shield Championship 3rd round (CSS 69)

1st Archie Buchan 95-23-72
2nd Alexander Wisley 89-11-78
3rd Jacobi Whyte 129-50-79

Friday 31st July Championship 4th Round - (CSS 66)

1st Callum Milne 82-14-68
2nd Archie Buchan 92-23-69
3rd Alexander Wisley 80-11-69


Tuesday 26th July - Garden Pharmacy Trophy (CSS 68)

1st Fiona White 86-19-67
2nd Shona Ritchie 93-21-72
3rd Linda Forsyth 97-22-75

Friday 31 July - 9 Hole Stableford

1st Linda Forsyth 21 Pts
2nd Anne - Marie Cardno 20 Pts
3rd Roma Norvaisiene 20 Pts

Sunday 2nd Aug Medal (CSS 67)

1st Fiona Whyte 85-19-66
2nd Marilyn Ritchie 84-17-67
3rd Kathleen Livingstone 90-21-69


Monday 27 July - Robbie Grant Memorial (CSS 66)

Division 1
1st Drew Buchan 44 Pts
2nd George M Young 41 Pts
3rd Alex B Masson 39 Pts

Division 2
1st Martin Lamarsh 37 Pts
2nd Billy Connon 37 Pts
3rd A Lobaczewski 35 Pts

Thursday 30 July Seniors Eclectic Stableford - (CSS 65)

Division 1
1st G B Patterson 46 Pts
2nd James A Ritchie 39 Pts
3rd Alex Ritchie 39 Pts

Division 2
1st Billy West 41 Pts
2nd Forbes P Allan 41 Pts
3rd William Hepburn 38 Pts


Tuesday 2 Aug
LADIES Aug Medal
JUNIORS Bank of Scotland Shield 1 Round

Wednesday 5 Aug
GENTS Wednesday Sweep (Strokeplay)

Thursday 6 Aug
SENIORS Buchan Seniors Peterhead

Friday 7 Aug
LADIES 9 Hole Stableford
GENTS 9 Hole Stableford
JUNIORS Ocean Dawn 9 Hole (Stableford)

Saturday 8 August

Sunday 9 August
GENTS Captains Prize (Stableford)
LADIES Jean Laird (Stableford)

Monday 3 August


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